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5 Photographing Marsh Marigolds in MN 4 Shooting in the Schell Cr. Range, Nevada 3 Oak Creek in October 2 Bob at West Fork Trail, Oak Creek, AZ 1 Bob and Clare at Zion

We are retired and live in the small town of Clarissa, MN.  We attend Verndale Alliance Church of Verndale, MN.  We both thank God for 32 years of wonderful married life! God has richly blessed us.  We have four children who all live in Minnesota.


While traveling, we love exploring National Parks and wilderness areas.  Bob’s hobbies of photography, birding and hiking expose us to many beautiful parts of the country.  The purpose of our website is to share some of God’s beauty with you as we have enjoyed the artwork of His creation.

As you tour the website, check out the photo galleries, and some of the other links as well. There is much here to enjoy. 

Photo 1.  Bob photographing Marsh Marigolds in Minnesota.

Photo 2.  Capturing flower scene in Schell Creek Range in  Nevada.

Photo 3.  Oak Creek in the fall. Arizona

Photo 4.  Clare took this photo of Bob shooting on the West Fork Trail.  Oak Creek, Arizona




Bob and Clare in Zion National Park. Utah.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello Bob,
    You came by our house some years ago and took some pictures on our front hill prairie on County Road 10 south of Bovey. You thoughtfully gave one of the pictures you took to us. I framed it in an old fence board frame. It looks really good.
    I always meant to take a picture of it and send to you to show our appreciation, and finally got around to it tonight. While looking over your website I saw the very same photograph in your Minnesota category…so I guess I don’t have to send it!
    I put considerable effort into making my little piece of the world a better place, but not many people notice. Thank you for noticing.

    • Hi Pete, I don’t monitor my website very often, but saw your kind note of appreciation when I went in to update the site. The interesting thing is that you sent that email on my 67th birthday! I have a framed photo from that beautiful Bovey flower meadow hanging in one of our bedrooms. I was practicing focus stacking when I took those at your place, so some are focused from near to far. Great to hear from you. We moved back to central MN where we consider it home after I retired. Take care of that beautiful meadow! Sincerely, Bob Freeman

  2. Hi Bob–
    I was in your van coming back from the airport on Friday, and now I am delighted to have been able to look at your work as a photographer. You have seen and presented wonderful, wonderful things here! I have looked at them many times now. Your skills and vision are marvelous. There is such a definite look to your work, so four-square and direct in its design, dignified even, but sooo delightful and light in spirit. Your photos have real life in them which I love, and I think is a particular achievement– I have seen so many “beautiful” but lifeless, spiritless scenic photos in my life. Yours radiate the joy of our world. Truly, a privilege as well as a pleasure to look at them. Thank you for including me in what you have done!

    • Holly, I don’t monitor my website very often, but when I update it I always enjoy seeing who has viewed and responded. I’m really humbled by your appreciation of my work. Thanks for your kind words! Bob Freeman

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